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Welcome to Sydney House Sitters

Thank you for visiting Sydney House Sitters, 

unfortunately we are no longer available for house sits,

though we're happy to answer any questions you have about being a house sitter or having house sitters in your home.


 Sydney House Sitters provide a free service for you whilst
you're away from home. 

It's our job to ensure that the needs of your animals and property are met in all the ways that you specify. 

We feed, walk and love your pets,  tend to lawns, gardens and pools, collect your mail, take phone messages, keep the dust off the furniture and generally keep your home running as usual whilst you're away. 

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Benefits of House sitting...

Your benefits...

  • Security- your house won't be left unoccupied or susceptible to a break in.
  • No need to hire gardeners, pool service, or pet boarders.  
  • Peace of mind- your gardens, house, mail and phone messages are being taken care of while you're away.
  • Pet care- your pet is happy and safe in their own home, rather than being locked up in a cage and lonely. 
  • No 'favours'- you won't need to burden friends, family or neighbors with mowing laws, collecting mail or feeding and exercising pets.

 Our benefits...

  • We get to save on rent & save for a house.
  • We can try out new suburbs & get a change of scenery.
  • We get to have a pet for a while!

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